Poetry from the Sargasso Sea

Some years ago the Muse came upon me and all sorts of ideas came streaming out.  I thought She would stay and so planned to create a collection of these thoughts under the title “Days and Nights on the Sargasso-Sea”. I chose the Sargasso Sea as a symbol of my poetry as it so embodies much of our lives: It is a ‘gyre’ – a current in the Atlantic ocean that goes round and round and round…

Years ago it was known as the “Horse Latitudes” as sailing ships would get becalmed in it, and throw horses overboard to lighten the load in hopes of getting what wind was there to move them out.  Also this gyre has trapped a lot of sargassum,  “(Sargassum was named by the Portuguese sailors who found it in the Sargasso Sea after a species of rock rose (Helianthemum) that grew in their water wells at home and that was calledsargaço in Portuguese (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐɾˈɣasu]).[3])”

But – the Muse left, and I have the collection of writtings – some from back in my Navy days in ’68 or so…  some from more recent times.
In the menus below is a sampling of some of my stuff and one from Annie Dillard – hope you enjoy!