The Wen 4214 is just the right size for a small shop – but the mechanical variable speed is (IMHO) not so hot! There are many ways to do create a variable speed drive for you shop tools – scan You Tube and find endless tales on how a DC motor from a treadmill was used to run a mill, a drill press, a sander… whatever

In this PDF I have pictures and details of the major steps in the conversion that I did. I got a treadmill from Craig’s list – parted out the DC motor and electronics (nothing new here) but used an Arduino to create the PWM to send to the MC2100 controller from the treadmill.
This is just a guide to give you ideas on one way to do this.

One nice feature that came along was when the DP is turned off – the DRO display goes off. AND – you get to use the original DRO & electronics in the drill head to show the actual RPM’s

If you have any questions – or find any problems – please drop a line via my contact page!